Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Sat Feb 5 04:33:04 PST 2005

James Ross wrote:
> Why such small fonts?  I am not handicapped, but I do have to wear
> glasses with a recent prescription. And have worn glasses for 15 years
> or so.  Your site uses fonts that are even smaller than the standard
> sites out there that use style sheets (which I hate).
> Does this mean that only 20/20 eyesight visitors are worthy of LFS?? 
> Or do you expect everyone that visits your site to reset their text
> size in the browser and then have to reset it again when browsing
> other sites?

There has been a proposal for a new site - if we ever get going on that, 
one of the things it will incorporate are bigger fonts.

In the meantime, most browsers allow you to adjust the font size, if you 
need to. I know that in Firefox, you can do this with a Ctrl + and to 
decrease, Ctrl -


Jeremy Huntwork

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