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Fri Feb 11 19:58:32 PST 2005

I'm cross-posting because quite frankly, I'm unsure where the boundary
is. The HLFS book is about to go into nightly regeneration. We have time
to test everything out, there isn't a huge rush, but by the time the XML
is complete, it would certainly behoove the project to be able to go
through the release process that LFS currently has.

With that said, currently there are some infrastructure changes that
need to be pondered. All of this is in light of the current website
scheme as the new scheme doesn't have a definite date targetted. Here's
what seems to be needed (probably not all-inclusive)

1) In order to match the LFS patch locations, a directory named
/home/httpd/ needs to be created. (BTW, it
may be worth noting for Matt and whoever that LFS is still using
/home/httpd/ instead of svn. However, if we
do this then there will be a duplication because
/home/httpd/ exists already.

This probably needs to be taken up with Jim, Anderson, Bruce, Matt and
myself as to how we are going to deal with the patches project's
(better) integration with the website. It has been suggested that the
website actually pulls straight from a live svn repo that anyone in
lfswww can run svn up on. This would certainly beat just a nightly svn
export. I don't believe I'm the only one who thinks the website isn't
"live" enough. But that is beyond the immediate need to get HLFS

2) needs a link for
HLFS. (dependant on #1)

3) needs links for
downloading and reading online (unstable only at this stage). The alpha
framework can be removed after the next hlfs release. I can submit
patches, but again, it depends on how #1 is dealt with).

4) HLFS and its patches need to become part of the cron job.


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