Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Sun Feb 13 07:18:20 PST 2005

Anderson Lizardo wrote:
> I'm aware of the plans to replace the website layout entirely (in favour of a 
> "clean" and "easy to maintain" structure), but I think the benefits of using 
> the above system will still be valid if such changes take place. I once 
> supported the idea of directly exposing a working copy 
> at /home/httpd/, but Matthew pointed out the 
> problems of such design and myself found it unclean to have a website 
> cluttered with files only needed for website generation.


Ok, sorry for the delay WRT the new website design. We had hoped to work 
out some functional elements with it before we again present it to the 
community. However, we're realizing that it might be wiser to start 
finishing up some of the inner workings on belg and with your help :)

We're going to create a new repo on belgarath and load the repo 
containing our site into the new one, and likely have it exported into

When that's finished, you can take a look through it and we'll mention 
some of the functional elements we've been using and ones that we're yet 
hoping to employ with it.  Much of it centers around post-commit :)

Jeremy H.

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