Automatic website backup (was: Re: Beta website)

Anderson Lizardo lizardo at
Sun Feb 13 15:20:05 PST 2005

On Sunday 13 February 2005 17:47, Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Anderson Lizardo wrote:
> > That's right, but I still needed to download them ;-)
> >
> > Why don't put these non-website things outside the repository and keep a
> > site-wide backup script running, like I suggested? So if something goes
> > wrong, we just get the latest backup.
> Yep - either that, or instead of site-wide backup, we make a script that
> will restore the entire site by rendering, in turn, the various elements
> that make up the entire site.

Hm, pretty much what does, but instead of recreating the 
website entirely everytime, it only recreates what's missing (thanks to the 
Makefile magic).

> Not sure exactly which way is better.

I think it's nice to have both :). A site-wide backup allows us to store it 
outside belgarath and restore it quickly when necessary. I remember Jeremy 
Utley discussing with one of the FTP admins the possibility of having 
automatic backups uploaded to one of the FTP mirrors so they can be easily 
restored. Not sure if such thing was enabled though.

Then something like is nice to have as a post-commit script, 
as it does not cause much delay on commits (it takes an average of 10 sec. on 
each commit). Actually it's already enabled, but is updating

Anderson Lizardo
lizardo at

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