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Randy McMurchy lfs-user at
Wed Feb 14 18:49:21 PST 2007

Hi all,

Though this message is redundant to others I've sent, I'd just like to
mention (one more time), that I think it is simply a disservice to the
community that commit messages are not posted here.

It would simply require someone (with privileges) to go in and add the
email addys of the *LFS editors to the 'allowed list' so that the messages
aren't sent to /dev/null.

I must update the messages using my LFS handle, though I'm not
subscribed to this mailing list with that handle. I subscribe using a
different email addy. I shouldn't have to subscribe using an addy I
don't want to, to get the commit messages to display.

Commits are treasure and should be treated as such. If that means
an admin has to add addys to the 'allowed list', so be it.

Do it, guys, this is my 3rd request.


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