rules on the mailing list lfs-traducfr

Denis Mugnier myou72 at
Sat May 5 06:07:01 PDT 2012

Le 04/05/2012 21:02, Bruce Dubbs a écrit :
> Denis Mugnier wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On the mailing list lfs-traducfr, i want to make a script that post
>> mails with informations about english commits.
>> When the script post 2 mails quickly , only the first is on the mailing
>> list. The second mail is lost.
>> If the script post a big mail (500 kB), the mail is lost.
>> What is the rules to post on this mailing list ? what is the maximum
>> size of a mail ? Perhaps the mail server is secure with an antispam
>> filter (in this case, what is the rule ?)
> Well I don't read French, but I think
> Taille maximale en kilo-octets (ko) du corps d'un message. Spécifiez 0 pour
> illimitée.  900
> means 900K.
> For sending scripts too quickly, I don't know.  Perhaps a delay between posts
> would work.
>     -- Bruce
In fact, i don't know if the trouble is really the delay between two posts.

I make a test with 4 mails with 30 s of delay between each.
only the second mail is lost.

Blfs is very active and it is very good. it is a pleasure to have the 
last version of packages... but it is more hard to translate it in french.
So, my project is to make a script that analyse the commit mail of the 
BLFS-BOOK list. The script make some changes
automatically ( for exemple, MD5 sum change, SBU number, ...) and send 
us on the list (lfs-frtraduc) the filtered commit.
Currently to test it, the script don't make changes.
the script send to the lfs-frtraduc the commit mails from the blfs-book 

when i test my script, some mails are not sent by the list. I send me a 
copy on another address and i receive these mails.

Perhaps a trouble with the spamassassin HTML filter. The rules of this 
filter are the same for all the list (including blfs-book ?)




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