[website] Chinese(Simplified) version of LFS

wxy wxy at linux.cn
Sun Jul 12 20:45:59 PDT 2015

Dear LFS Team:

     We had translated the LFS 7.7 systemd version to Chinese 
(Simplified). Can you include our translation into LFS offical site?

     Thanks ~


         URL (HTML) : https://linux.cn/lfs/LFS-BOOK-7.7-systemd/
         URL (CHM)  : https://linux.cn/lfs/LFS-BOOK-7.7-systemd.chm 
(upload later)
         GitHub     : https://github.com/LCTT/LFS-BOOK-7.7-systemd
         Translator : [LCTT][http://lctt.github.io/] (wxy, ictlyh, 
dongfengweixiao, zpl1025, H-mudcup, Yuking-net, kevinSJ)
         Release Date : 7/12/2015

wxy / LCTT
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